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Shakespeare & Virgil
I grew up my whole life around cats. All my cats have all been very “dog like”. Each one very outgoing and very special to me. I’ve always enjoyed having a purring, happy, snuggly cat near by. Shakespeare & Virgil are super outgoing and are very big parts of our family. It’s true that our Labradors get most of the guest attention in our home but our cats come rushing to see our guests too & they love all dogs! We adopted Shakespeare from SAVE THE CATS as a young kitten and he was selected by Lena. He grew up with our first Labrador, Oliver. They got along so well & were great friends. Shakespeare was steadily around other dogs due to my business and tons of children. In spring of 2009, I was on my shift at the Lahaska SPCA working with the shelter dogs and a litter of kittens was brought in all crammed into a cardboard box found on the side of the road. I took the whole litter home to foster. I never expected this quick decision would make such a wonderful impact on our family!! The kittens happily grew up around my kids, the neighborhood kids, my Labradors and Shakespeare. Virgil was a standout having white markings as all his brothers & sister were solid grey. He was so very talkative, social and sweet. Virgil still has the loudest purr and meow I’ve ever heard! We were all instantly smitten and fell in love with this darling grey & white baby. We formerly adopted him as our newest family member. It was also cute how Virgil matched his new big brother Shakespeare!

Shakespeare & Virgil bring so much joy to our lives. They want to be part of everything we are doing. My day starts with Virgil begging loudly & persistently for breakfast. Shakespeare waits each morning for Mike so they can share his cereal. There is harmony with all our animals. Virgil asks Bing for a daily morning grooming, they get along like best friends! Virgil is all about his food... much like a Labrador and insists on a midnight snack before bed.

We added a bunny to our family in 2011. He was named Butterscotch but the name proved to be too soft for our strong minded, stubborn, smart & dominate fellow. He is affectionately called The Bun (BunBun is his nickname) which seems to suit him much better. He has a daily salad of green leafy veggies, fruit & Timothy hay. Some of his favorites are red peppers, cilantro & carrots. Bunnies are supposed to have a sweet tooth but he seems to prefer veggies over fruit every time! BunBun loves our cats and is never intimidated by any dog. His favorite activity is boinking & running with the cats. He enjoys hopping around in our dog room & flipping over a plastic hanger for fun. He’s not very snuggly but is very connected to me and loves lots of attention. He has mellowed a lot with age but when he was younger was very jealous of the dogs when I was sitting with them. He is a funny boy and shows his disagreement by making a loud grumble. He has more personality than I ever thought possible from a bunny.
BunBun shares his new hay with Shakespeare & Blackberry!