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Patricia with Apple & Ruby.

Having a litter of puppies here at Sassafras is a very exciting time! Our puppies are whelped and raised right in our home, along with our family and adult dogs. The whelping box is set up in a very busy part of the home, so the puppies receive constant attention and love. There’s nothing like a whelping box full of puppies to bring the family together! Puppies that are raised around children and other dogs become beautifully socialized and happy to meet new people and pets. I take great care to ensure that my puppies go into loving homes like my own home, as treasured family members to responsible owners. Puppies are sold on Limited American Kennel Club (“AKC”) registration with a spay and neuter contract. I also highly recommend each puppy be enrolled in an obedience class to build on their communication and manners, while owners can develop their leadership skills.

Grammie Berry with baby Murphy.

Breeding dogs with good temperaments and excellent health are critical priorities in my breeding program. My adult dogs are all AKC Canine Good Citizens. They all also do therapy work with me in elementary & high schools, our local bookshop, and assisted-living environments. Each summer I bring my dogs with me to present to the township children my Child & Dog Safety seminar. I never know who is having more fun at these events: the kids, the dogs, or me! My dogs are wonderful ambassadors of Labrador Retrievers as they are sweet tempered, properly socialized and exercised. They greet strangers and friends alike with wagging tails. They get very excited for company at the front door, never knowing if it is the pizza man, a family friend, or a child or neighbor on the other side. When they hear the doorbell, they let you know someone is there with an initial bark, but quickly rush to get “babies” (stuffed animals) to bring to visitors, once they see we are comfortable receiving guests. Once they have gotten to know visitors, they can just walk right in without the bell and the dogs are unphased. They are docile, friendly and sweet. My dogs are all trained to have impeccable house manners. I will not breed anything less than a happy, eager to please, sweet Labrador temperament as I only breed with the hopes of keeping a puppy for myself. All the stud dogs chosen are held to the same standards as dogs in my home. I assess them in my observations of them in conformation and performance activities.

Berry with baby Apple.

All of the breeding dogs at Sassafras are cleared of any hereditary joint disease, using x-rays. They are all also certified by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (“OFA”) for hips and elbows. Their preliminary x-rays are done around one year of age. Final x-rays are done after two years of age. All of my dogs have their eyes certified as being clear by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist annually beginning around 9-10 weeks-of-age. All of my dogs have DNA testing done for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (“PRA”). All PRA carrier dogs are only bred to PRA clear dogs to ensure that all the puppies produced are genetically free from being affected by PRA. All of my dogs have echocardiogram cleared hearts at the age of one year by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist. All of my dogs are DNA tested for Exercise Induced Collapse (“EIC”) and Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (“HNPK”). All carriers will only be bred to other dogs who are clear of these conditions to ensure that the puppies will not be affected by these genetic issues.

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Patricia A. Conte
Bucks County, Pennsylvania