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Sassafras Labradors is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We love our Labradors very much. They are a central part of our family and our lives. The name Sassafras came from the name of the street of the first home where my husband and I moved into when we originally moved to Pennsylvania. It was the happy home where all our children grew up and where we took in several special pets. Adopting the Sassafras name, to me, is an expression of the common origin of the love of my family, and the love of our Labradors as part of our family.

My dogs live happy lives and are loving members of our family. They enjoy a lot of play time, hiking and swimming. They are always eager to go for walks through the development, but especially love the tow path at the Delaware Canal, and swimming and hiking at nearby state parks and lakes. In the summer, one of my favorite activities is taking my children and dogs together to pools for a swim. There’s almost nothing better to me than seeing happy dogs and children together celebrating the summer, splashing and laughing together.

Christmas 2022

Come fall, my children return to school and I spend my days at home with our dogs. Along with being a hands on mom and caring for our dogs, I manage a small doggy daycare business at my home with an exclusive clientele called Walkin’ & Waggin’. My property is often full of wonderful dogs for my Labradors to play with every day.

Fall 2023
Christmas 2023
Bing & Plum
3 generations - Blackberry, Peach and Lemon  

I provide my dogs with excellent nutrition and healthy supplements. They do not live in a kennel environment, but live in my home as genuine members of my family. They can usually be found at my feet while cooking or on the couch, snuggled up in throw pillows next to my children.

Bing is my first show dog and became my first champion. He stole my heart when he joined our family at 1 1⁄2 years old. I was very excited the first time I walked into the ring with Bing. I remember when I looked into his sweet eyes with him looking back at me, he reminded me that all he cared about was feeling loved and adored. Just wanting to please me, my job was easy guiding him around the ring. We took RWD at our first specialty. Bing has a gorgeous head and a muscular strong build. He moves beautifully and was a wonderful show dog. Bing is also one of the sweetest boys with the best temperament of any Labrador I’ve ever known. In the ring, he keeps attentive eye contact, never stops wagging his tail, and is full of energy. At home, Bing brings us tremendous joy. As the expression goes, “to know him is to love him.” Bing is so special. He’s the best co-worker a girl could ask for, a puppy guardian, and a great role-model to all the youngsters here. Bing’s happy, beating tail never quits. It was always an honor being on the other end of his lead. I was proud every time in the ring with Bing, and we were always in sync together with one another. I credit Bing with helping me become a more confident handler. We celebrate Bing every day and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

Special hugs after Bing completed his championship.
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