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Paradigm Plum Pretty CGC
6 Weeks Old.


DOB 6-22-2009
Plum is such a great girl! Plum did not prove to be much for the show ring but found her real passion was being part of our fun busy family! When she was younger we hiked the state park almost daily and she soaked in all the nature around her. She is still high energy, alert and super friendly. Plum is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned and could quite fairly be the most loyal to me as well. She brings us all such joy! She is so obedient, unless she sees a squirrel! All bets are off for the chase!! She has an incredible prey drive. At 4 months old, she brought me something proudly from our field. Not sure what was dangling out of her lips, I went to reach for her “stick” to quickly see it was a mouse tail!! That was the first of many more to follow in her hunting escapades! She has the most incredible nose! She is the most eager to please dog on earth and wants nothing less than being close to me. She loves visiting schools with me and riding in the car. She’s a fabulous swimmer too. Even though she never had a litter of her own, Plum is a fantastic puppy raiser. She is a steady leader and teaches the puppies manners and boundaries. Some of Plum’s funny antics include her untiring thirst, her steady surveillance of the floors and dancing with me when we turn music on! Now a days Plum loves to snuggle up on the couch and give us kisses. We all adore her so much.
6 Weeks Old.
3 Months Old.
Plum & Bing